1. Beginners Class
    In beginners class your dog will acquire social skills and basic obedience. Sit, Stay, Off, Settle or getting help from our trainers to get rid of puppy behaviors.
  2. Advanced 1 & 2 Classes
    Dogs at these stages are learning off leash commands and hand signals. These classes are required to go on to either Therapy Training or Service Dog Training.
  3. Therapy Dog and Service Dog Training
    Service and Therapy Dogs are specialized in that they are trained to preform specific tasks either to help one disabled person or many disabled people.
  4. Rescue Referals
    We currently work with many local and statewide rescue programs, we are in most case able to refer you to one in your area. 95% of our Service Dog Teams are rescued from shelters. A life saved and given a purpose goes both ways in many cases.
  5. Pet CPR & First Aid
    This Certification class will be coming soon!!
You can identify dogs who are well trained and those who are not a mile away. Well trained dogs are pleasant to be around for you and for anyone else who comes across their path. You can trust them to be better behaved, and you can have confidence that when you give a command they will instantly listen to you.