Service Dog Information

For over 30 years we have Trained Service Dogs in Florida.
Service Dog training is more time consuming than most people think. You are teaching a pet how to work a job 24/7 and how to assist a disabled human with various skills.
A service dog & human is trained in obedience for 36 weeks, then the inhome training begins, of which is the foundation of our program and may take 1- years.
Your bond is firmly rooted by YOU learning how to
The Process for our program is very simple.
Print out the application, liability waiver, grant application, media release form and the medical papers for your doctor to fill out and send everything to us by email or mail.

Once your Application is recieved, the Application will be reviewed by the review board.

You may be placed on a waiting list if you do not have a trainer within 50 miles of you. We are certifing new trainers yearly, please be patient.
  1. Hearing Service Dogs
    After learning the obedience skills it takes to become a well behaved pet, at home and in public. Our teams then move into home training where the magic begins. Learning to ALERT the human part of this team to: Phones, Doors, Fire Alarms, Baby cries, and more.
  2. Mobility Service Dogs
    After learning how to not pull on a leash or the person, and learning many obedience skills to teach the team how to work as a team. Dogs can stabilize you, they can pick up things that you drop, and the training is customized to the person in need.
  3. Medical Alert Dogs
    Most of our Medical Alert Trained Service Dogs are trained in other areas as well. A veteran with a heat condition, or a person with epilepsy. We have designed this "In-Home" training concept to really customize each team to their needs.
  4. Veteran Service Dogs
    Veteran Service Dogs often assist with multiply disablities. • help with episodes of depression • provide companionship • calm their handler The above tasks represent what a PTSD service dog can perform. Each PTSD service dog is specifically trained to their owner’s personal needs based on their medical condition and may or may not include the above tasked described.
  5. Therapy Dogs
    Therapy Dogs go through the same basic obedience regime as our service dogs. Therapy dogs live and are trained by a family, yet they "Work for the Public" They work in Hospitals, Jails, Libraries, Nursing homes, Court rooms and more.
  6. Autism Service/ Therapy Dogs
    This Program is COMING SOON.