D.A.V.I.D.'s Program
Dogs Assisting Veterans In Distress
The Story of how one veteran and two dog trainers have saved so many.
The Man that did not give up…

David served as a Marine, it was in his nature to not give up on what ever he set his mind to. As his PTSD began to affect his way of life and his family, he knew that he needed help. He had heard of and seen service dogs used to help this problem and he set out to find a program to help him. The many problems with programs was that you run into waiting list that were years long, or they cost to much money, or they would train a dog and hand this unknown animal into your home with your kids and routine. None of these options felt right to David.

What is a Marine to do when he is faced with a problem and what seems like no solution…?

You must create a new way to solve the problem.
David went to a local rescue and “SHADOW” found him. It was love at first lick.

Next after calling many Service Dog Programs that turned him down, David called Arlene at the Florida Dog Guides “For the Deaf”.  Arlene knew how hard life can be for people with disabilities, she had worked with deaf children for years and by this time had been training service dogs for 20yrs. She had also raised a son with Cerebral Palsy. David came to the right place, Arlene had been using rescued dogs as service dogs for 20 yrs and fell in love with SHADOW and David. She knew that there had to be a way to help him. With the help of David, Shadow, and Jack, he lead trainer, DAVID’s Program was created for Veterans to have a Real Service Dog.


How DAVID’s Program is Different  

PTSD Dogs are trained to:

DAVID’s Program, named of course after our first Veteran, was created with our now 33yrs of Service Dog Training Experience.

Reasons that the Program Stands Out:

We use 97% rescued dogs, saving a life with a life is one of our primary foundations as a Service Dog Program.
We offer 36 weeks of intense obedience training that each dog must pass prior to Service Dog training.
Our protected training techniques are known worldwide as innovative. We offer time for the dog to BOND with the human, this is necessary for the dog to really understand the humans needs.
In-Home Training is a concept that we designed to training the team in their specific environment.
We train dogs for Veterans that have 2 or more disabilities. This is because “Comfort dogs”, Therapy Dogs and “Emotional Support Dogs” ARE NOT Protected by ADA. We want our veterans and their Service Dogs to have Protection under the Federal Law that they fought to protect.
We charge NO FEE for IN-HOME Training. Obedience Training if they can afford it costs $100. Per 6-week session. If a client is not able to afford Obedience Training, then we have sponsors for that. 
Assistance in a medical crisis
Provide treatment related assistance
Assistance in coping with emotional overload
Perform security enhancement tasks
A Specially Trained PTSD Dog can provide a sense of security, calming effects, and physical exercise that can make a positive difference in the life of those that suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Like all assistance dogs, a PTSD service dog is individually trained to do work or perform tasks that mitigate their handler's disability.
Training may include providing environmental assessment (in such cases as paranoia or hallucinations), signaling behaviors (such as interrupting repetitive or injurious behavior reminding the handler to take medication, retrieving objects and guiding the handler from stressful situations.
PTSD Service Dogs can literally change the life of a Veteran or other persons with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD Service dogs can help a Veteran remain calm by preventing people from crowding around or rushing up behind in public places which will provide a comfortable space for the Veteran or PTSD sufferer.
PTSD Service Dogs can:
help adjust serotonin levels
help lower blood pressure
help with episodes of depression
provide companionship
calm their handler
preventing people from crowding around or rushing up on their handler
The above tasks represent what a PTSD service dog can perform. Each PTSD service dog is specifically trained to their owner’s personal needs based on their medical condition and may or may not include the above tasked described.