Robin Waltz
We have offered to the Community the same Basic Obedience  that we teach our Service Dog Teams at an Affordable cost. This is both a service to our community and it helps to support our efforts in the disabled community by providing service dogs the those in need.
Training Since 1984
"A lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me.”
– Barack Obama
(president of the United States)
Things to know:
  • Classes Begin every 6 weeks.
  • Classes are kept small to aid communication
  • Each 6 week session only costs $100
  • A deposit of $25 will hold your place in the next class
  • Each dog needs to have a copy of their shot records on file for you to be onsite. Please bring a COPY with you to your class.
  • Therapy classes are for teams that complete at least  2 of our classes due to  the skills  being a Therapy Dog needs. All four Clases are recommended.
  • Service Dog teams will be in classes with you.
  • ALL Profits from Golden Paw Training go to pay for the Grants given to the Service Dog Teams for in-home training.  You are making a diffence in someone's life by training your dog here.
  1. 1
    In beginners class your dog will acquire social skills and basic obedience. Sit, Stay, Off, Settle or getting help from our trainers to get rid of puppy behaviors.
  2. 2
    Owners will learn the skills required by the American Kennel Club to become Canine Good Citizens Certificate, of which id required for some dogs to be insured by homeowners ins.
  3. 3
    Advanced 1 & 2
    By learning the skills of previous classes in sign or hand signals you have more control in loud our crowded situation. ie: Dog Parks, Concerts, Street Markets, Traveling ect.
  4. 4
    Therapy Training
    Therapy training is taking your dog to a high level of obedience. You will have confidence in your dog to go to schools, hospitals and Nursing homes.