About Us
Golden Paw Training Center 
  • Obedience Training is a must for all Social Dogs; we have combined our professional and affordable dog training skills as a service to Bradenton community and beyond.
  • Service Dog Training is customized to each Team's needs. There are specific areas of focus, although many times we combine skills depending on the disabled persons individual needs.
  • Hearing Dogs are the cornerstone of our program; we train them to be the "Ears for the Deaf",   as they learn to recongize the sounds of  fire Alarms, a Babies cry, Cellular phones, Door knockiing, and other sounds that the hearing impared or deaf client may not be able to hear on their own.
  • Mobility Dogs are typically much bigger in size due to the needs of their owners, the assist in standing up, getting up off the floor, holding doors open, hitting the handicap button to open doors, help with laundry, and many other possiblitities to create a better quality of lifee for the owner ( teammate).
  • Veteran Service Dogs, D.A.V.I.D.s Program assists Vets with many customized services. The BOND between owner and Service dog is really visible in this area of training. We train these dogs with the owners to reconize when an episode is coming on or when meds may be needed. Training for specific disablities  is varied, be it hearing or mobility.

Meet The Team
  1. Brandy Decker
    Brandy works with Florida Dog Guides by providing constant online and in person support for our website, social media and technology solutions.
  2. Dolly
    Dolly runs the Day-to-Day operations in our office in Bradenton Florida. Dolly will be the main correspondent with you and will help you get an application or signed up for classes.
  3. Robin
    Robin is on the for front of our corporate communications and is an amazing trainer. You will find her in community meetings, working one-on-one with service teams and bringing this program to the public eye.
  4. Jack
    Jack has been a trainer for many years and is known for his no nonsense approach to both obedience training and service dog training.